More Fluff = A+ : A Bad High School Experience

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"You probably won't get an A, because you're still subkitting two pages of fluff;  but you will get credit for recognizing whatever you actually did accomlish." (Short Research Papers)

This is the exact opposite of what I was taught in high school (which I knew was incorrect but was required to do anyways). An English teacher I had taught and required us to do all the "fluffy" stuff that is totally unnecessary and pointless: the long block quotes, lots of summarizing, and pretty much anything else to waste space. It was his way out of actually having to read the papers to grade them. Instead, he would skim through the papers, occasionally reading and checking to make sure our block quotes were there, and then give an "A" to a paper that looked completed. It was kind of frustrating because I had spent time researching and developing a paper that received the same grade as other students who had practically plagerized their paper by putting as many long block quotes in as possible. I think what was even more frustrating was I knew I wasn't learning how to write a research paper correctly.

In my first semester STW class, my last assignment was to write a research paper. Although I received more guidance and far more feedback on my revisions, I never had the chance to see the grade on my final copy. I would have liked to seen what improvements I could have made to my final paper. I hope through this small research paper we will be doing in class that I will able to finally learn and receive feedback on a full process of writing a research paper.

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Maddie Gillespie said:

I hear ya loud and clear, and I sympathize with you greatly. If I had such a high school teacher...I would have been beyond frustrated more than likely. As for the STW class, I also remember wanting to see my final grade, or at least what it is that I'd done wrong in the hopes that I could then correct it. My STW class focused more on peer reviewing, which only helped if your peer actually knew what is what that they were talking about. I can recall trying to plan out research papers in high school and trying to stop myself from adding in fluffy stuff. I also recall some of my classmates that would simply re-word their research materials to make their work sound intelligent without ever actually ever doing any work at all. I suppose all that you can do is your best in the hopes that someone will recognize the amount of hard work that you put into your paper.

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