When Pretending Becomes Reality

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"Perhaps it's impossible to wear an identity without becoming what you pretend to be." (Card 231)

This section where Valentine is trying to determine how she feels about Demosthenes is really interesting. I thought it was funny when Valentine's father would read her column and then talk about it to his family. Little did he know his own daughter was writing it. Or how at school her teacher assigned her class to compare Demosthenes and Locke. Obviously Valentine's column was very successful.

Despite the success Valetine was enjoying, she was stirring up trouble around her too. I think part of it was she was beginning to be unable to distance herself from Demosthenes. She was starting to combine the two together, which is not what she had originally intended to happen. In my opinion, this can be dangerous. Even if the person you are pretending has a similar personality, there are some differences. After all, if they were exactly the same, it wouldn't be pretending. Because of these differences, pretending to be someone you're not for a long period of time can have an affect on your own character. In Valetine's situation, she caught herself starting to write and think more like Demosthenes in school.

A few pages after the quote I have stated above, Valetine has another thought on the same subject. "She also stopped being frightened about the idea of becoming, to a degree, Demosthenes. He's smarter than Peter and I ever gave him credit for, she thought." (Card 231). I think this statement shows that Valentine didn't mind letting herself and Demosthenes personality combine. It may have had to deal with the fact that Demosthenes was becoming so popular and respected. Who wouldn't want to be? After all, it was Demosthenes who people were writing to and talking about, not Valentine Wiggin. 

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