Eagleton = ADD while reading

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"Fierce rearguard actions were fought by both ancient Universities against this distressingly dilettante subject: the definition of an academic subject was what could be examined, and since English was no more than idle gossip about literary taste it was difficult to know how to make it unpleasant enough to qualify it as a proper academic pursuit" (Eagleton 29).

After reading these two chapters of Eagleton, my eyes wanted to fall out and I think anyone talking to me would have sworn I had ADD because my attention span was shot. Although it was a very nice detailed history lesson that has a lot of useful information, I'm not exactly sure how much I really got out of all of it. Even though I read through it all once and some of the sections a few more times, there was so much information involved that it had me not exactly confused but more just overwhelmed with the amount of information present.

There were some points that did stick out for me, probably because they had a more personal value than some of the other facts. I chose the quote above because I can relate to it. Dr. Jerz pointed out last class that I tend to look at literature from a practical view point. I sometimes do probably because of the way I measure the English major to another major such as a science or language, etc. English seems to deal with a lot of opinion or "idle gossip" that we spend hours studying. But, even before I read the rest of "The Rise of English", I still undersstand that studying literature is important and necessary. Reading that section did help me with that because it gave me more back up into being more positive about studying English and not always letting the practical part interupt. Unfortunately, I'm not real sure what else I got out of these chapters. I learned information, but I'm not sure what I want to say about it or explain about it for a blog entry.

Go back and hopefully find someone else who has alot more to say about this reading than I do.  

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Michelle Tantlinger said:

I think Eagleton's quote is rather funny. We do spend so much time thinking about texts that are fiction and perhaps are "idle gossip" or were so at one point in history. It's just that someone took the time to write down that gossip and here we sit today, still trying to draw out the big meaning in all we read.

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