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 "The function, then, of this myster story is to enable us to read this sentence -- to re-read the whole story in order to set it in the right, hidden narrative. All through 'Benito Cereno' sentences change their meanings on re-reading" (Swann 324).

I loved the title of this essay and this sentence especially. I definately needed to re-read the entire story in order to find the hidden narrative because I missed most of it the first time around. Swann is right, "Benito Cereno" was a mystery in a way because it had the reader leaning one way in favor of a certain character or characters, when actually there were many hidden interpretations and messages.



I agree with you. It is impossible to get everything the first time through reading something, or the second, or the third, or probably ever for that matter. I'm a big Pirates of the Caribbean fan as you know but every time I watch it I catch something else.

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