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SHU's production of "Life is a Dream" was good, although very slow moving. I think that's just how the play is supposed to be, very slow with little sequences of action every now and then. What I noticed also around me was that people complained a lot that they had no idea what was going on. Had I watched it without reading it first, I would have felt lost as well. I don't think it's one of those plays where you can watch without having any prior knowledge of its plot and still be able to follow along. Once again, it wasn't hard to follow because of the actors, but because of the script itself. There were several long monologues that I think were hard to follow because they provided so much important information all at once. I noticed that several people in the audience complained that they could not keep track of who was related to who....for example it took a while for them to realize that Segismundo was Basilio's son or that Clotaldo was Rosaura's father. Overall though, the actors were really good and if not for them the play would have really dragged.

I noticed that there where several differences between the translation we read and the translation the play used. However, I don't think anything was so majorly different that it changed the audience's take on anything. For example, when the soldiers were trying to mistakenly make Clarin prince, instead of using the soles vs. souls pun, instead the term was just "feet" and "footless". There were other instances such as where Segismundo met Astolfo for the first time and said "I'll say next time may the devil keep you" rather than "Next time I'll ask God not to keep you". Like I mentioned before, I reallly don't think any of the translation differences really had a huge impact. Maybe they did and I'm just missing something. Did anyone else notice something that was different and really made a difference to interpretation?

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