Another Stop Along The Way...Portfolio 2

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Looking back on the entries of this portfolio and the comments, my main observation is that personally I am beginning to really struggle with not so much the concepts, but many the applications in this class. It appears that others are starting to encounter some difficulties as well whether it is with the concepts or with writing the casebooks. From this portfolio, I can see where I am struggling and what I need to try to accomplish and overcome before the final portfolio and especially the final research paper. Hopefully, from this portfolio to the final one, I can compare how far I have come.

~ Coverage ~

Here's a little bit of an introduction to my blogs. This category gives a wide variety of everything that I have blogged about so far in this course in my Portfolio One.


~ Depth ~

The blogs in this category were ones that I put a lot of time and thought into. They touched topics that I felt strongly about as well as topics that I was a little unsure about.

~ Blog Carnival~

It was a challenge to follow up such a great blog carnival as our group had last time, but we managed to pull it off. This time, our topic was a little more lively. We chose to apply a type of Literary Criticism to An Abundance of Katherines. Check out our carnival and see how it worked!

~ Interaction ~

The blogs listed below are packed with discussions with peers, linking to their blogs, and some comments that I left on other blogs. See how our class interacts to help each other understand each week's material.

~ Discussion ~

Some of my blogs were starting points for on going discussions with my peers. See what the hot topics were.

~ Timeliness ~

The links listed below are examples of blogs that I posted before their due dates.


In some of my blogs I linked to other websites and other blogs. See how these links helped out with my own discussions.


Something fun!


Thanks for checking out my portfolio. Let me know what you think about it!



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