An Abudance of Literary Criticism (and blogging)

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Once again, members from the EL312 Literary Criticism class came together to create a second blog carnival. After great success with out first carnival, we were all a little nervous at how well our second would match up. Within a week, our second carnival was off and running. For this carnival, we decided to apply different schools of literary criticism to An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. This was a young adult book several of us had read for our Young Adult Literature class with Dr. McClain. Check out our blogs and discussions that followed to see what we had to say about our attempts at applying literary criticism.

Angela kicked our carnival off last Monday by stating our topic and providing some guidelines for anyone who was interested in joining. By the blog submission deadline, we had five main carnival participants who provided plenty to discuss.

Greta was the first to join in with her entry called An Abundance of Holes: Green's Colin vs. Salinger's Holden. In her blog, Greta applies intertextuality to An Abundance of Katherines and to Catcher in the Rye.She takes a close look at the comparison of the each book's main character: Green's Colin and Salinger's Holden. She also raises some important questions to think about such as which book would you personally decide to teach in a high school classroom.

Derek's blog was titled An Abundance of Katherines (The True Meaning). By applying historical criticism to the work, Derek discussed how Colin's multiple relationships with Katherines in the book (all 19 of them) was similar to biblical times. He also provided us with what the name Katherines means...check out his blog to see what he found!

In her blog, Angela decided to psychoanalyze Colin, the main character of An Abundance of Katherines. Throughout her entry, An Abundance of Water, Angela dives into the depths of Colin's mind, especially with his reasoning and addictions. Her final diagnosis: a "quarter life crisis". Read the full report and see what others had to say about her discovery.

My blog, An Abundance of Average, attempted to make a claim on the author's intent. I provided some information from an interview with Green to develop a claim as to what his intention was with creating Colin as his main character and having Hassan as Colin's best friend throughout his journey.

Finally, Jenna's blog brought up some very important points for our topic through her mimetic criticism in An Abundance of Emotions. In her disucussion, she talks about how realistic or unrealistic the characers and situations in the book are. Her conclusion: although the book provides some out of the ordinary situations and characters, the emotions the characters feel and experience are realistic. Take a look to see if you agree.

Thanks again to everyone for participating and creating such thoughtful discussions. To everyone else, we hope you will enjoy exploring our carnival and we hope that you will join in on our discussions!

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