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"Does this play have loose ends of not? Those who lean towards heavily symbolic readings tend to think not; those who favor character analysis and even moral analysis tend to think it does." (Miko 375).

I think, along with Miko, I would be in the second group as well. It just seemed that when the play ended, everything didn't seem so patched up and seamless as it may have appeared. I didn't feel like the story was complete when I finished it, as if something had been left out or forgotten.

I can't really say if I agree that the symbolic readings have loose ends left or not. I guess they wouldn't because there are probably enough present that they were sufficent for the story to progresss. However, when it comes to analyzing characters, it doesn't seem like there would be enough to go off of. For moral analysis, I feel the same way, it just seemed that the story came to an end abruptly before it had a chance to go any deeper.

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Jenna said:

I felt that the play ended well. For me, I can still have a conclusion with loose ends. I do agree that we could have gotten a little bit more information from the characters. It is hinted that Prospero may end up like he is on the island since history tends to repeat itself, so I think that would have been interesting to find out.

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