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    I really enjoyed creating and presenting the term project for this class. Although it required a lot of time and effort, I enjoyed working with Greta and I think it became an experience that both of us learned a lot from. Teaching a lesson to a tenth grade class was a real eye opener. Going into it, I was nervous because I was worried I was absolutely going to hate it. I loved working with the students, but I still don't feel completely sure about it.

    The peer review project in class really helped me with my research paper. I felt like I had a bunch of ideas but no way to connect them all together in order to create a twenty page paper. Greta and Derek were especially helpful with their suggestions. I wish we would have had something similar, yet shorter, earlier in the course when each of us were trying to create our thesis. Personally, I know an activity like that would have helped me to find a right direction way earlier than what I did.

       Since January, I felt as if I have learned a lot, although about a third of it has nothing to do with literary criticism. First of all, I learned I was way over my head in this class. Second, looking back on the course, I would have approached it differently. At the beginning, I worked on this course almost non stop, as well as other courses. I never really worked many breaks into my schedule. By the time the end of April rolled around, I was completely burnt out. I have learned now that not only is it ok to take breaks, but necessary in order to do well. I always felt bad taking a few hours a week to just relax because it felt like I was letting my work pile up on me, but I ended up shutting down at the wrong time of the year. Another important lesson I learned this semester was how to ask for help, especially from Greta who bailed me out more than once. I always hated asking for help mainly because I hate to bother people and also because I usually just assume that I'll be able to figure it out on my own eventually. However, I realized by the end of the semester that unless I asked for help, I was going to completely crash and burn. 

      I think after taking this class that other English classes won't be as challenging as they might have been had I not taken this class before them.


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