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I thought everyone did a great job with their projects. They were all creative and I think they were a really good chance for us to pick something we were interested in and connect what we have learned to it.

Sue and Quinn's project was hilarious. They did a great job taking something dry and serious and turning it into something that was enjoyable. I think it was also creative on their parts because instead of standing up and having to explain everything like the rest of us did with our projects, they actually performed their project in front of us. 

I think Kaylee and Maura's project was interesting because it applied lit crit to a series of children's books. Since there were several of us in this class who were taking Literature for Young Adults at the same time, I think most of us really appreciated their perspective on this type of literature.

It was obvious to see how much hard work Angela and Derek put into their project. Not only did the project bring in some of their interests outside of class, but they really made it unique by dressing up as the main characters. And, I don't think I would have been able to stand sitting through the entire class with that much make up on so they should get bonus just for that :).

Bethany and Ellen's project was a more in depth extension of what Ellen had us to for our presenation.  This was a good idea because since we had experienced a little of applying literary criticism to fairy tales, we could easily understand and relate to what they were explaining.

Michelle and James's project brought up some interesting topics by taking a look at some song lyrics. I think we had a good discussion from their project and I thought it was great that they touched on some topics that not everyone may have been comfortable with.

Erica and Jenna's project also combined literary criticism with some of their interests. Their explanation of the project was very clear and their "movie" at the end was really funny.

Overall, I really enjoyed seeing everyone else's projects because they were so creative and had a wide variety of topics. Not only was it an opportunity for everyone to apply and show what they have learned this year, but it also allowed us to show the class some of our other interests as well.


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