A Famous Person Has Died...i think my life will go on the same

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I surprised myself by finding out I have mixed feelings on this topic. When first studying the comic (which I thought was great), I first felt completely one-sided: I believed that the hours of reporting dedicated to detailing the life and death of someone famous who has recently died was pointless. Whether the famous person was alive or dead, my life would more than likely go on the same. Also, as mentioned in Derek's blog, many "famous" people don't become extremely popular until their death is a headline. However, after I read Megan's blog, who took a different approach to the comic, I can't say that I'm completely one sided anymore.

Although I do find the constant coverage on Michael Jackson's death annoying and irrelevent, I do realize that the news has to coverage what is going on with it because there is some level of public interest. The same with Ted Kennedy's death. Although my life will continue on the same with the passing of both of these two, it was still necessary for the public to receive some sort of coverage on their lives and deaths because each did have some sort of influence on the society we are living in (even though they may not have affected me directly). Even though this type of news may not be as important as some of the other headlines, it shouldn't be ignored because the public should be informed when someone influential on our society passes away.




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