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I had a mixed reaction after reading the several pieces about TV News from Byron. Although I did appreciate his inside view on TV News, I feel that he himself was biased and had a strong desire to rip into TV News. Even though I do believe that TV News probably does a lot of what he is claiming, I still think his information would be better received if he dropped some of the sarcasm and didn't seem so hateful especially towards the last few topics. I understand he had a strong point to make, but sometimes even the most informed voices on issues are lost because they are overcome with too much passion leading their information to look a little unbelievable. Also, for as much as he complained about the writers and editors for the news stations, I think he needs to get an editor for himself because his writing was filled with many mispelled words and grammatical errors.

After reading his wedsites, I compared some of the characterisitics Byron listed of news stations to some of the news stations I actually watch. After watching WTAE for the first time the other night, I could definately see some of the characteristics show up, such as the time dedicated to the weather and sports. Especially after our discussion, I could see how the wording of the news was changed to make it appear more recent. When I compared some of his claims to the local news I watch at home in Johnstown, I think the smaller station we have there does a little bit of a better job of getting a little more information about businesses, education, etc. Although it still has its own faithfully dedicated weather report and endless reports on high school sports, the station seems to go a little deeper into problems in schools and even issues at businesses such as the hospital and local dealerships. I'm sure it can go more in depth and that the facts still get twisted from time to time, but for a smaller news station as compared to WTAE, I think it gave the viewers more news that was more relevent to the community.

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