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I noticed in the "Cap on Bonuses Inflates PNC Pay" that some of the sources for the quotations were a little vague. The reporter referred to some of his sources as just "analysts" instead of being more specific. The article was packed full of statisitics, and some of them just seemed to be floating on their own instead of tied down to a source. Although I'm sure to readers that "analysts" would be a convincing enough source while reading, I still found it interesting in comparison to the Planes article which seemed to have every statistic linked to a named source. After reading the two back to back, it just seemed like the Planes statisitics were more reliable because it seemed like a lot of information about the source was presented, where as the PNC reporter didn't refer to or describe the sources in as much detail.



Derek Tickle said:

I also thought that it was interesting that the reporter only used the word "analysts" instead of someone's name. Maybe this is because the reporter did not want anyone to know who was invovled in the "PNC bonus issue."

It is important to list your source, but also to not place anyone on the spot, especially if the article is not positive.

Greta Carroll said:

Hmm, that is a good and interesting observation, Katie. I wonder why that would be. Perhaps it's just the one journalists style not to mention names or maybe the sources didn't want to be named. It's hard to say, but it's good that you noticed the difference between the two. The Planes article would seem more credible. I suppose the lesson here is that you should be as specific as possible naming the people you quote if you don't want any doubt in the reader's mind. I noticed that the Swine flu article on A3 did the same thing, it didn't list a specific name, it just said "White House advisors." It made me wonder, "well, what White House advisors?"

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