Cappon Chopping and Condensing Crazy Sentences

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"The bright side of the obesity syndrome is that it's so simply to control. The person mark in lieu of all those ocnjuctions, participial and relative clauses is a splendid anitdote. Some of us need to rediscover it" (Cappon 38).

I think we all can tell from this chapter that one of Cappon's favorite things to do must be sentence chopping (is this reporting, an inference, or a judgement linguistic people?). It seems that after writing three chapters of the "do"s and "don't"s of newswriting, Cappon just needed a chapter to vent and do something fun. There's only a small amount of information in this chapter, but a pile of examples. I found parts of a it kind of funny because you can almost see the excited of sentence chopping in some of Cappon's comments.

Anyways, I like sentence chopping myself (whereas in essays I spend most of my time trying to lengthen my sentences which isn't so much fun). Not only do I like doing this in writing, but when it comes to reading a newspaper article, shorter sentences are necessary for quick reading and comprehension. After all, when you only have moments to glance at a paper at the breakfast table or on your way to work, who wants to spend time trying to interpret and comprehend long drawn out sentences? I don't really like to do that even when I have time.

Bye for now.

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