Personality Through the Writing

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"'You have the opportunity of awakening your senses. You have the pleasure of eating with your family and friends,' she said. 'You have a sense of time and place. You feel connected to a community.'" (Cox)

Although a reporter isn't supposed to reveal their opinion or anything else personal about them in what they are writing (including their personality), I really enjoyed how this writer brought out the personality of the woman he was interviewing through his writing.

His descriptions of his interviewee helped to create a picture of the interaction: such as "She talked in a soft, elegant tone but glowed with excitement when she mentioned straight-from-the-garden ingredients". This sentence tells us how she reacted, but also shows us what her interests are. His descriptions of her business as well as quotes from her employees/friends helped to really show her personality through his writing.

Not only did he manage to give the reader a sense of personality, but as the quote above mentions, he even created "a sense of time and place". As "a truck putters" that is "filled with plump, corn-bred, nine-week-old ducks", as a reader I immediately was not only able to visual the scene, but also to hear it. These small details make the article seem more alive and personal.



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