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I really enjoyed these group presentations and I feel as if I learned alot from them. There were some general points made that were really interesting and surprising. One of the main topics being discussed was how all of the journalism students in our group didn't like the news. Printed, radio, or TV didn't seem to matter: they just didn't like it in general. As I go through each section of the presentations, you'll find out why.

Angela's presentation demonstrated how news can reunite people. They might come together because of a similar cause or even because of a disagreement. Even just seeing someone's picture in the paper or their story can help to reunite people who have lost touch with one another. Her story about her grandfather helped to show the power news has in this positive aspect. However, along with her positive relationship to news, she also reminded us that news can put fear into people. Sometimes headlines and stories are blown so out of proportion that what should cause little concern causes widespread panic when it's not necessary.

During Kaitlin's presentation, she informed us what she does with the news, such as when she takes the time to listen to it or read it. She mentioned how key headlines are, especially when she is in a hurry. The headlines sometimes make or break the story: if the headline is boring, then who is going to take the time to read the rest of the story?

Richelle's presentation shared some similar qualities. She too admitted that her interest in the news was minor. The newspaper held some importance to her because she used it to look for places of employment (which seem to be getting more scarce with every copy printed). She also mentioned how her family has influenced how much she pays attention to the news which is mainly when it directly affects her. The experiences she had in high school journalism classes were included, which also related to several other presentations.

Jessie described how she didn't really like the news (even though she's a journalism major) and avoids TV because of how sad it makes her feel. Her interests are mostly in columns where more opinion can be included. She also discussed how joke shows tend to help spread headlines.

Megan discussed how she is a journalism major and doesn't really have a love-hate relationship with the news. Once again, I found this very interesting since her major is centered around writing and studying news.

Cory discussed how September 11 really sparked his interest in the news. This is when he began to like and watch more broadcast news because "it provides information when it counts". I completely agree with him on this point -- no matter how much we slam TV news, I know the majority of us were glued to TV screens on 9/11. It was our main source that was providing the fastest information at the time.

Matt gave us a great monologue of how news affects his life in the fact that it really doesn't because he doesn't have the time for it. We all appreciated his humor in expressing his lack of interest.

There were several other presentations that included more journalism majors discussing why they don't like the news. Overall, there were several themes that we all had in common:

      • a lack of interest in the news
      • an influence from a high school journalism class
      • a bad experience with news
      • as a journalism major disliking news

Our presenations made for some great discussions and really helped me to see other people's perspectives. 



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