Reflecting More Than Just The One Who Passed Away

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In a way, sometimes I think obituaries not only reflect the person who the article is talking about, but also the family and friends surrounding those people. For example, sometimes when I see a very short obituary of someone who was in their nineties, it sometimes makes me assume that the person was the last of their immediate family as well as friends and maybe had no close family to create a more personal obituary for them. When I see a longer obituary, it doesn't make me feel as if the person must have done more with their life and affected more people than others with short ones, but that the person had someone who really cared about them and wanted to make sure others knew how great the one who passed away was. Obituaries have always made me think probably more about the one who wrote it rather than the one who its about.

I also wonder how many obituaries you read were self written before the person passed away. Sometimes I think that its weird when this happens, but then again I guess it is a way for some people to include a kind of thank you and farewell to family and friends.

Enough of this depressing topic  

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