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"And they’re nothing new, Recreation and Parks Director of Finance Katie Petrucione said" (House)

 To be honest, when I first glanced at the subject of this article, I was worried that it would be one of those readings were I would catch myself glazing over the paragraphs because of lack of interest. It's not that I don't care about what is happening in our environment, such as the layoffs affecting how the parks are being taken care of, it just happens to be one of those subjects that its hard to give my full attention too. However, this article I felt did a good job presenting the information from a smaller scale and using other statistics and quotes to expand that information and show how it is affecting people on a larger scale. The stats and quotes she used helped me to focus my attention more instead of just skimming over long paragraphs and blocks of information. The only question I had about it was the above quotes. Did she mean to write it this way or shoudl the "And they're nothing new" have been in quotations?

"How could a man who perfects his patent on clean wave energy Monday through Friday do so much damage to the environment on the weekend?" (Baker)

I really liked how Baker included a question in the beginning of his article. I felt more involved as a reader because I felt like I wasn't just being told facts by a reporter but that I was actually asked to think about what was being told to me. Also, the way he presented the information was just as interesting as the topic itself. He approached it by interviewing someone who had been part of a problem and was discovering new ways to fix that problem. To write an article about conserving fuel and preventing toxic fumes from harming the atmosphere, he could have easily tried to interview an already eco-friendly environmentalist. Instead, he chose a race car driver, someone who in his career has burned up hundred of gallons of fuel into the atmosphere and was finally deciding to change his actions to make a difference in the environment. I found it very informational as well as interesting.




Aja Hannah said:

I also liked the question in the beginning of the second one. It really drew you in and reminded you of yourself. How many things to we preach that we don't follow through with because we are too lazy or because we enjoy this lifestyle? And then what steps do we take to change this?

I agree with what you said about the first article too. I glaze over a lot of the time when there is a bunch of stats or numbers. I don't know anything about that kind of stuff or what the stats used to be so it's nonsense to me. The writer did a good job of keeping people interested and speaking on their level.

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