What About the Person Getting Profiled?

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Although the profile was really informational, I was surprised that there weren't really any quotes from the person the article was supposed to be profiling. Are you not supposed to interview the person you are profiling and only interview those who come into contact with them? I'm not sure, just wondering. Let me know what you think!

Anyways, I was kind of surprised this was an award winning article. Although it did provide a lot of information about the Delancey Street center and those who live there, it seemed like an article that anyone with the idea and enough time on their hands could accomplish. It probably is an easier-said-than-done scenario, but I still was a little surprised that the writer received an award for it. However, as I mentioned before, it did have several important facts and some quotes that were informational. I think another good point was the author allowed the quotes from the residents of the Delancey Street center describe the center rather than listing a bunch of facts herself to describe it.



That's a good point. Some people, for whatever reason, may not want to do interviews. A movie star or world leader isn't going to sit down and chat with every single reporter who wants to do a lengthy interview. Some subjects may be in a coma, or dead, or serving overseas in the military, in which case the reporter has to rely on other sources.

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