Another Reading Response

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Even after reading the two sample crime reports several times, when I read some of my classmates’ blogs I realized I had still missed some very obvious observations. Richelle had a great conversation going on her blog about how much repetition had been going on with the first news article. Most of us writing on her blog agreed this occurred because the article had to been written quickly because it was breaking news. Her blog made helped me to understand that just because this article maybe didn’t follow guidelines perfectly, but it was still decently written for being composed at the last moment. The most important part was that it got the facts out quickly.

            Greta’s blog helped point out some easy to see typing errors that I had managed to somehow miss. Her blog helped me realize that no matter how well you read an article to edit it, there will still be some mistakes that will get by unless you let another pair of eyes take a look at it.

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