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RRRR: Cappon Chapters 3 and 4

Dianna had provided and interesting example for Cappon’s chapter three information. She took Cappons’s advice about using unique and less common verbs to make a lead more interesting and created her own example. She used boring information about a piano having to be moved because of rain, added a few interesting verbs, and created a lead that sounded more captivating. Her blog was a great way to show how she took the information she had just recently learned and began to apply it.

                Kaitlin’s blog was simple and short, but packed full with a great lesson. She used Cappon’s point that sentences should only be about sixteen words in length and attempted to write her blog following that guideline. In her short choppy sentences, she wrote how she felt during the experience, especially about how difficult it was to write a complete thought. I found this to be very creative and a great way to apply what we are learning as well as sharing the experience with others.

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