A Tough Situation

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"In severeal cities, older members of minority groups acknowledged that the newspaper - along with life in general- had greatly changed for the better from the time of their childhood. But there also was a fear expressed that progress in race relations and in newspaper coverage of minority community issues might be leveling off as journalists lost enthusiasm for the effort" (Haiman 43).

 This topic makes such a touchy situation for any environment because of all the emotional ties connected with it. When refering to the newspapers I read, whether in Greensburg or at home, I have mixed feelings about whether or not the papers have fair coverage/staffing of minority groups. To be honest, I never really paid attention when reading an article whether or not the article was representing a minority group. As a female, I don't really look to see if there are as many female staff members as male or if the papers are presenting news about women faily. I think this indicates that the papers are doing a fair job, at least with this aspect, otherwise I would have noticed something not being presented fairly.


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