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I tried several times (waiting long periods of time each time) to get the videos to load and work, but in the end, I failed. I think it had something to do with my laptop connecting to the sites because the text alongside the videos was slightly distorted as well. I also don't think I was able to see or use all of the links I saw everyone talking about in their blogs, but I did mangage to access one or two that appeared on the screen.

I thought about trying another computer to try to access the sites, but since everyone else had talked about most of the site and the multimedia, I decided to talk about the sites from the perspective of when multimedia fails on sites.

Although there was text beside the video to provide me with some information, I was interested and wondered what I was missing in the videos. I read through the blog entries of several other people, figuring out what I had missed. It seems like the majority of the information had been given in the video, for some it seemed like too much information had been given.

If I had been someone who had to use the site and I didn't have a back up of ten of my classmates' blogs to refer to, I would have had a lot of difficulty making any use out of the site. I think this proves that although multimedia on websites is a great tool and usually provides a great advantage, it can also cause the site's downfall. Had there been more text, I can have refered to that and probably have learned at least a few more facts.

A postive note about the website was the extra links I was able to manage. These links, such as The City of Tuscon Environmental Services Website  and the Google Map of the city of Tuscon allowed me to explore some more information that wasn't offered only in the videos. 

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