Daily American vs. Tribune Democrat

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In my hometown, there are two papers in circulation. It seems like the majority of my town receives the Tribune Democrat. However, some receive the Daily American along with the Tribune Democrat or just on its own. The difference between the two papers is extremely noticable, and I feel they really reveal some of the personlity of their readers just by the choice of who reads what.

If I had to describe the Tribune Democrat in only one word, I would say: cold. The paper is filled with death and desctruction as well as a growing amount of advertising. Also, it gives little attention to local happenings that aren't dealing with death and destruction, such as sporting events or events with schools. However, when pushed and pressured enough to cover an event, the paper does do a nice job in creating the articles and I rarely see any mistakes. However, as I mentioned before, I do think the paper is a little too in love with death and destruction. I remember the day after 9/11, the paper had "WAR!!!" printed across the top. The font was so big that it took up a third of the page. Even though our country had been attacked, war still wasn't main priority at that point because the attackers weren't necessarily attacking for a certain country, but rather for an organization. I think the editors were thinking a little too much along the lines of Pearl Harbor and WWII when they did this.

The Daily American is a much more positve paper with a strong interest in local events rather than national news. The paper is filled with coverage of community events, high school sports, and school activites. Although I do enjoy reading this paper from time to time just to break away from the negativity of the Tribune Democrat, I have to admit that I think the writing isn't as strong. Also, I have noticed more errors in the Daily American and sometimes the news articles seem a little too opinionated or are have several pieces of incorrect information.

At home, my family subscribes to both newspapers, mainly because the Tribune Democrat keeps closer tabs on more critical issues whereas the Daily American is in love with my sisters' (and my previous) girls high school soccer team as well as other high school sports. I enjoy reading both and I feel that by doing so I get a bigger picture of my communtiy than I would if I only subscribed to one.




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