Portfolio 3 - The Semester is Flying

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      For those who aren't familiar with my blogging as well as the writings of my classmates, this portfolio was created to combine my writings over the past few weeks for my EL227 Newswriting class at Seton Hill University. The blogs I have included in this porfolio take a look at some newswritng issues, such as methods, problems, and different situations in reporting.              

       This portfolio made me realize how fast this semester seems to be flying by. Although we didn't have a lot of new blogs for this portfolio, what I did enjoy was getting to do more writing and practing of the methods we have been learning. Also, I really enjoyed reading the Best Practices for Newspaper Journalists handbook by Robert Haiman. I think it helped to give the class perspectives from literally two sides of a story: those reporting and writing the news, and those who the news is about or being relayed to. In many of the situations and problems that were brought up in the handbook, I found myself having to weigh out options because I would have agreements/disagreements with both parties in the argument. For journalism students, I think this handbook would be very helpful in determining the line between what their job requires and what they personally believe is right.

             For the blogs in this portfolio, I managed to keep discussing most of the issues in a fair amount of detail. Once again, my weakest points were interaction and discussion. I still have the "out of sight, out of mind" problem when it comes to blogging: once I blog or comment on someone else's blog, I always forget to go back and continue the discussion. With only one portfolio to go, I really need to keep working on this. 

                                                       ~ Coverage ~

To start out with, here are some blogs that show some of the topics we have been discussing in class. Both of them deal with the Haiman handbook, so let me know what your stance is on the issues!

Protecting the Kids- When it comes to reporting, I think kids should be off limit as much as possible, especially when it comes to interviewing them.

Two Sides- Would you rather have a report that is providing breaking news information with unidentified sources or would you rather have no article at all in order to avoid these faceless, nameless sources?


Here's an example of a blog I managed to get posted on time.

Fresh News - this was the blog I started when we were supposed to track a breaking news story. Neither of my choices went anywhere and it seems the topic was dropped and forgotten somewhat in class as well.

~ Depth ~

Many of my blogs have been longer in this class than in previous classes because I am more interested in the material being covered.

Damage Can Be Done - Editorials can be touchy, especially when trying to avoid being biased. Being one-sided in an editorial can do more damage than good.

~ Interaction ~

This, as I mentioned before, is one of the areas that I need to improve on. I comment, but I rarely follow up on my comments.

I managed to leave some comments over the past few weeks on my classmates blogs. For examples, here are comments I left on Matt's blog and Jeanine's blog when they were discussing some Haiman topics.


~ Discussion ~

This is the other area that I need to improve on. Discussions start on my own blogs, but I always forget to go back and actually join in or continue them.

They Have to Make the Right Mistakes- True, journalists are human and will make mistakes in their writing that will cause problems, but what mistakes are too costly and how many is too many? Those journalists who boil mistake-making down to the fact that they are human probably wouldn't want a doctor making a mistake on their surgery or a pilot making a mistake during landing. Journalists mistakes can have just as severe consequences, and shouldn't be taken lightly.


~ Xenoblogging ~

This blog has a few links to other websites that help to show the start of this project.

Fresh News - this was the blog I started when we were supposed to track a breaking news story. Neither of my choices went anywhere and it seems the topic was dropped and forgotten somewhat in class as well.

~ Wildcard ~

For my wildcard, I decided to create a blog that compared the two newspapers I receive at home. As I discuss, the two are almost like night and day.

 Tribune Democrat vs. Daily American : battle of the hometown papers


 Thanks for taking time to look at my third porfoltio for this semester. Stop back in a few weeks, the fourth and final will arriving soon.

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