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Santa Monica Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Group - This is where the idea and actual guidelines for the program originated. This site has been really useful in developing interview questions for the high school athete directors and trainers I have been talking to.

Bryn Mawr Sports Medicine- Gives background information on what an ACL injury is, how it occurs, and when a program for rehabilitation should be started. Many of  the links found on the site refer back to the Santa Monica website.

ACL Prevention Program Now Available to Individual Female Athletes - Gives a sample of what the program may include as well as some research pointing out that the program is mostly beneficial for women.

**For my this article, I'm considering either videotapping or taking pictures of someone going through the steps of the program. I will probably ask a trainer to do this because I doubt if I would be able to get permission to tape a student. There were several Youtube videos online, each differing in what exercises were used in the program, so I thought it would be a better idea to video/take pictures of a program one of the high schools I interviewed was actually using (if possible).

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