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The Cavalier seems well organized and user friendly. Its categories and the way they are presented on the website make it very easy to find a story that you are looking for. Some newspaper websites are harder to navigate because they aren't so organzied, especially when it comes to searching for older articles.

A neat feature I found a little unique to the website was its option to view the print form. I've never seen this feature on any other news site I have been on. Although it seems a little pointless (why show pictures of the physical newspaper why the same stuff is already on the site, with added features), I still found it sort of considerate of those creating the website acknowledge the print form. I think this was because I'm so used to the debate about whether the internet is going to cause newspapers to go out of print (which it probably will someday), that I found it surprising that the website would provide this link to the print source.

What I thought could improve on the site was some of the spacing and the design. Although  the design aided to the organziation, I think it could be adjusted to where more news, pictures, and links could be provided on the site instead of just filling the space with the design. Also, there seems to be a lot of white space between links, stories, and headings. Richelle commented in her blog how the spacing caused her to become distracted. However, Jen commented in her blog how the spacing helped her view the paper. I guess this is just a personal point.

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