Doesn't Matter What the Guy's Name is, he Still Wrote it

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This post is about Mark Twain's story "Luck"

By the end of the story, I was getting tired of the Reverend complaining about how Scoresby is an idiot and still became successful. It was his fault for taking pity on him. And I really don't think it could be possible for anyone to feel as guilty and miserable as Frankenstein (I could write an entry just about that subject). It appeared to me that the Reverend was jealous especially in the line, "Here was a wooden-head whom I had put in the way of glittering promotions and prodigious responsibilities..." (page 361). I also think that deep down, he went to war with Scoresby just to see him fail even though he said that he was "responsible to the country for this" (page 362).


I also sensed the jealousy in the clergyman's tale. It was almost like he was discrediting the man so he could get glory, since it seems he was never one to get the glory for himself.

Carissa Altizer said:

History reveals a long line of clergymen who have used their church titles for evil instead of good. It doesn't mean he's truthful just because he belongs to the church!

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