Nostalgia for a Class I Wasn't Very Good At

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I read "The Necklace" in my French class in high school and the teacher would sometimes ask us the author's name on some of our tests, which none of us would remember. Now on to the actual point of this entry...

Mathilde needed a reality check and she got it when she lost the necklace. I didn't even feel sorry for her when Mrs. Forrestier told her it was costume jewelry. I really think that Mathilde would've started going on a tirade about how angry she was at slaving away all those years. There's no evidence that she changed for the better, she got put in her place.


Aja Hannah said:

There is an argument that you can say she changed (as we went over in class), although I do not believe she did at all. You could use the fact that she got louder, bolder, and did the work that a maid did for ten years.

I agree with Aja that one could definitely argue that the evidence is there, but I would disagree with that person. Louder, bolder, and doing the work of a maid just makes her sound like a bitter woman who is tired of dealing with something she never wanted.

Carissa Altizer said:

Even after our classroom discussion, I still can't make up my mind whether I think she changed after the entire ordeal or not. There is certainly evidence to support both sides. I like to believe she did, that way the story has a happy ending (I'm a sucker for fairy tales). However, I'm leaning more towards the pessamistic side...

Brooke Kuehn said:

I also agree that you could argue both sides. However, i believe Mathilde simply got worse. She is still bitter for not being rich and rather than just sulk to her husband like she did before the lost neclace ordeal, she is now loud and even more obnoxious about it. She doesnt even take responsibility for losing the necklace and causing 10 years of horror for her husband, instead she says to Mrs. Forrestier, "Yes. I've had some tough times since I saw you last; in fact hardships...and all because of you!" (115-116).

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