Fire is Your Friend

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This is in reference to Ch. 13: House-Warming in Thoreau's Walden.

"Cooking was then, for the most part, no longer a poetic, but a chemic process" (para. 19).

I never thought of cooking as a poetic process, just something that's necessary. I think it would be cool to learn how to cook a variety of things because I haven't been exposed to many exotic dishes throughout my life. This doesn't sound very thought provoking, so let me change that...

With technology constantly getting better, old ways are slowly becoming obsolete. Take handwriting for example. Most people have terrible handwriting nowadays because mostly everything is typed on a computer. Now, I don't think handwriting will die out anytime soon, but who wants to read chicken scratch?

Now on to Ch. 18: Conclusion

"Things do not change; we change" (para. 13).

I love this quote because it's so true. One moment, we'll like something and then the next, we can't believe we liked it in the first place. Basically, we get bored and move on to something else or we change the thing we already like into something better (according to some). 



Jennifer Prex said:

I agree. Changing is part of life. All of our life experiences and all of the people we meet change us. This can, in turn, affect how we like something.

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