Oops... Did I Do That?

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Roberts Ch. 5

"In a good work of fiction, nothing is irrelevant or accidental; everything is related and causative" (93).

There have been times when I've read something and it starts out really good, but when the climax comes, it's like someone spilled a full glass and the person looks around wondering what to do. I can't remember any titles or quotes to go along with this, but hopefully you get my point. To me, a good story is strong in all of it's parts. One weak spot can unravel the whole thing.



Melissa Schwenk said:

I get what you're saying, Kayla, but sometimes you just need a character to get from one scene to the next or the character has to go through a series of steps in order for the next plausable action to occur. However, most of the time the story should have a good reason for every sentence and action that takes place.

Jessie Krehlik said:

I completely agree, Kayla. I think this happens a lot with movies too. But with books, it's definitely worse, because sometimes authors leave one too many questions unanswered and it just sorta ruins the whole piece for me, because I'm more concerned with that question than I am with the conclusion.

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