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The interlude and Ch. 11-12 from How to Read Literature Like a Professor.

"Here's the problem with symbols: people expect them to mean something" (97).

Another problem I find is that when a person decodes a symbol, they refuse to acknowledge that it might mean something else. Theirs is the only answer. I admit that I can be close minded, but if something has more than one meaning I'd like to hear what it is. The more I hear, the more likely I'll be able to come to deeper conclusions about other things.


Meagan Gemperlein said:

People do always want to agree with what they are told about a symbol. I am one of those people. I think that it's difficult to deviate from a meaning of a symbol to your own meaning because you already have something in your head. It's probably easier to think of your own symbols before somebody tells them to you.

KatieLantz said:

I like that you mention by looking at other meanings for symbols you can come to a deeper conclusion about the subject.

I find that I also have a tendency to be close minded about some things, and when I actually give other ideas a chance, my world is opened!

This is exactly why I dislike discussing symbolism! Everyone wants their answer to be the right answer, when really there is a lot of room to play with meaning!

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