This has Peter Pan Vibes All Through It

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I can't stop myself from coming up with goofy titles, it's a habit from LJ. Most importantly... I ACTUALLY LIKED THESE POEMS! Anyhoo... On to Billy Collins and his poem "On Turning Ten."

"But now when I fall upon the sidewalks of life, I skin my knees. I bleed" (lines 31-32).

As we grow older and learn more about the world, we lose our innocence. We learn the difference between right and wrong and that inbetween black and white, there's a gray area. Our lives aren't so simple anymore. As the title of this entry suggests, I was reminded of Wendy's dilemma on deciding whether or not to grow up. We really don't a choice, it's just something that we have to do.


Wendy could have stayed! She had the opportunity that I never did to be in Neverland forever, but she pushed it aside! It's her own fault she got old!

That's how I felt when I was younger, anyways.

About your actual entry: I prefer to look at it not as losing innocence, but as gaining experience. I still have the positive, optimistic outlook that I had as an innocent child, and I cling to that. However, I also have a more realistic/pragmatic fairy (ironic, eh?) on my shoulder telling me to realize that not everything is Reese's cups and cream soda. Some things are cooked celery and Dr. Pepper.

Melissa Schwenk said:

Great connection. I never thought about the connection between Peter Pan. Still even Peter Pan tried to use humor to get around the point that we all have to grow up some day and in a way wishes to never grow up.

Kayla Lesko said:

By losing innocence, I mean that we know more and can't ignore the consequences of our actions.

"Some things are cooked celery and Dr. Pepper." That made me LOL

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