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Hey look, it's more Dickerson poems!

"Stop--docile and omnipotent--
At its own stable door" (XVII The Railway Train)

Dickinson describes the train as if it were an actual animal. I think there's an actual word for this and I tried looking online but no luck. It doesn't seem that she's describing it as one animal, but many. I was thinking it was only a horse at first, but horses don't crawl or hoot so that idea went out the window.

"Perhaps the kingdom of Heaven's changed!
I hope the children there
Won't be new-fashioned when I come" (XX Old-Fashioned)

There seems to be a fear of change going on here. So bad to the point that the narrator thinks that Heaven's changed too. It could just be that the narrator is so set in his/her ways that he/she doesn't want to change.



KatieLantz said:

Wow, see I didn't get that far. I completely thought she was talking about a horse... It just seemed very Thoreau to me, so I put two and two together... I thought it could be a cultural thing (comparing trains and horses).

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