It's Book Review Time

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Okay, I'm not really into books that were written recently unless they're about a famous person or a history book. With that being said, my review is a review on Gene Wilder's memoir, Kiss Me Like a Stranger.

Official Review from the NY Times

Janet Maslin starts off the review by saying how awkward the title sounds, but quickly adds that it was from Gilda Radner, Wilder's third wife. The title never struck me as awkward, I actually think it's a good title for a memoir. Maslin goes on to say that the book is a mixture of the Gene Wilder we all know and love, but with a serious side to it. Like any other review, it includes a brief summary of the book, touching only on certain points which include most of the films Wilder has been in. Overall, I find that the review does the job of sparking an interest in the reader.



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