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My high school English teacher has a poster that said that and since Ch. 9 of Writing About Literature just happens to be about metaphors I had to use it as the title for the entry.

"Although metaphorical language is sometimes called 'ornate,' as though it was unnecessarily decorative, it is not uncommon in conversational speech, and is essential in literary thought and expression" (138).

I couldn't agree more. Metaphors make it possible for authors to get their meaning across to readers (like Roberts pretty much said) and it works so well that many metaphors are repeated over and over again. Being a writer myself, I've made a few metaphors but I don't think any of them are as good as the classics.

Ch.9 thoughts...


Aja Hannah said:

Yea, but the classics soon turn into cliches and new ones have to be made because the old are no longer used sparingly enough to be appreciated.

I agree with Aja. Now my example is a simile, but you get the idea. My mom always says "she'll stick out like a sore thumb" and I absolutely hate that phrase because she uses it so so much.

Hey mom, she'll stick out like an overly used simile.

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