Thank God that's Over With

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You have no idea how happy I am that I'm done with The Quick & and the Dead.

"Ginger had never allowed Annabel to put out the candles and in fact hadn't spoken to the child for an entire week when somehow the beehive candle snuffer had found its way into the play yard and Annabel had flattened it with her tricycle" (215).

I ALMOST feel sorry for Annabel because of how much denial she's in about Ginger. Carter and even Ginger herself comment on how much denial Annabel is in. However, Annabel does say that "I don't think Mommy ever liked me. She was in love with Daddy" (241). So she eventually realizes that she's in denial thanks to Alice's seemingly heartless act of blowing her nose in the napkin that was supposedly in Ginger's purse.


Why do you think Annabel got so upset over the loss of her mother's napkin? Any other reason than it belonged to her mother?

Kayla Lesko said:

This may not be a good answer, but still an answer... Annabel seems to freak out about anything. She's used to living without having any complications. Ginger dying is the first major complication she's ever had to deal with. That plus Alice and the general weirdness of the town probably made her very edgy.

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