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The only thing that kept me reading was, "It has to get better." I had no opinion of what The Quick & the Dead would be like before I read it, but as of now... if I ever saw any of the characters in real life, I'd call the happy bus.

"Cats are accustomed to making their own decisions and implementing them out of their owner's sight" (73).

This is from Alice's discussion with the piano player. Alice claims to love all animals, but she hates cats and I think this quote reveals why. She is like a cat, so if she kills one, it's almost like killing herself.


Melissa Schwenk said:

Interesting idea for what the cat represents to Alice. I wrote my blog entry about what the animals represent or signify to specific characters. I hadn't thought about the cat being something that represents how much she hates herself, and consequently leading her to suicide. I thought it had something more to do with the oddities that cats have. They're more loners (which Alice doesn't really seem to have many friends and is more of a loner type) and have a very peculiar way of going about things (which Alice also has).

Kayla Lesko said:

My theory about the cats comes from the fact that to me, Alice seems a little nuts. However, I still agree with you.

Yeahhhh.....I think everyone is on that note! I had no idea what was going on or why. I wanted to stop reading after the first paragraph. But as I went one I was surprised to find that stupidly I was kind of curious as to what Alice or anyone was planning to do next. The little little bit of humor I found in this book is the only thing that kept me going.

Dave said:

Shellie, I definately agree. If not for the humor (or being in the class), I would have stopped.
Kayla, I'm with you as far as it not making any sense. Sure, it is "cool," and original, but it's just kinda dull. At this stage I was really hoping something would just happen, but no, it never does...Plus they kill off Ray, who I thought was more or less the only interesting character. The only real entertaining event was the dog-killer (Joe) getting having his package blown off by an exploding package.

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