What is with the People in This Place?

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There should be a giant sign that says: CAUTION: LIVING HERE MAY COST YOU YOUR SANITY. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

If you can't tell, the second part of The Quick & the Dead hasn't made the book any better. Anyhoo, it's quote time.

"You are such an old lady, Emily, honestly" (184).

I find this quote interesting because Emily, even though she's only eight, definitely acts more of an adult than Alice does. Alice is described as being childlike even though she's fifteen. She tries to act mature with all her environmental talk but she's really not.



Josie Rush said:

Just interested- What makes you say that Alice isn't mature? Sure, she acts like a 15 year old sometimes, but some of her actions, especially those regarding her care and concern for Corvus, really show a level of maturity.
I think Emily is the exception, not the natural rule, here. I certainly wouldn't want to be compared to her.

Kayla Lesko said:

Everyone can show concern for his/her friends when the situation is there and therefore act more mature. Other than that, I think Alice is very childish because of the fact that she automatically responds to almost any situation with violence. Take the guy on the motorbike and tying up Ray even though she knew he didn't kill the bighorn. Then there's the part about her wanting to kill cats. A mature person wouldn't use violence. Sure, they may think about violence, but they wouldn't act on it.

Melissa Schwenk said:

I don’t know if Emily necessarily is that great. Sure she has good insight, but maybe her sense of what’s wrong with John Crimmins has a lot to do with the fact that he seems to threaten her and he’s rather unusual. J.C. tells her that she can bite his arm. Most adults wouldn’t do that. I suppose though, if you’re talking about Emily being able to distinguish that biting J.C. would be the worst thing to do, then I would say she is more mature than the typical eight year old. Still, I have to agree with Josie, I think Alice is mature for her age. Most 15 year old don’t go around thinking about things like Alice does. She actually takes in her surroundings and forms her own opinions.

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