What Season are You Talking About?

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Chapters 18-20 of How to Read Literature Like a Professor.

"For about as long as anyone's been writing anything, the seasons have stood for the same set of meanings" (178). I realize that Meagan already posted about this quote, but my thoughts are entirely different.

Winter isn't a dreary season to me. In fact, I view it as a spiritual thing. Instead of death, we're waiting for a rebirth. In order for rebirth there has to be death. Without winter, spring would'nt be so important to us. I realize that Foster said something along these lines in the chapter, but I felt like expanding it.



Jamie Grace said:

I know this is way after class, but I completely agree with you on the winter being a nondreary season. I love winter! It is the season of Christmas... which is spiritual and rebirth. I always bring this up, but I think that when people refer to seasons, they always refer to them and look at what has happened in those seasons to make them dreary and sad or happy.

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