At the End

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Last chapter of How to Read Literature Like a Professor called Envoi.

"There comes a point in anyone's reading where watching for pattern and symbol becomes almost second nature, where words and images start calling out for attention" (280).

This just doesn't happen to me while reading, it sometimes happens when I watch something. I'm not saying it's bad or anything, I enjoy pointing things out to people. It's just that sometimes, I just want to be entertained and not have any deep thoughts. Foster was a good read. Some things I already knew and some I didn't and there were sometimes where I didn't agree with him. I'll most likely keep the book in case someone I know wants to learn how to close read.



Jennifer Prex said:

It is interesting how that starts to happen even with movies. The last time this happened it wasn't in terms of symbols, but it had to do with the element of foreshadowing in a movie. I noticed that the music itself had been used as a foreshadowing device. Unfortunately then I paid more attention to the music than to the dialogue in that scene...

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