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Ch. 7 of Writing About Literature.

"Nevertheless, ideas are vital to understanding and appreciating of literature: Writers have ideas and want to communicate them" (120).

I think that quote just summed up the Writing About Literature class itself. Really, anyone can find something noteworthy while reading, but it does help having an education that helps understand the intended meaning better. This will result in the reader coming up with ways to extend the idea.

<This way? Or that way?>


Brooke Kuehn said:

I think that anyone can take something away from reading, eduated or not, as long as they can read. However, i agree with you in that educated people can take even more away from reading because rather than just reading the ideas, they can draw from them and like you said, extend them, which is what leads us into coming up with theses for our essays.

Aja Hannah said:

And educated people can apply what they learn everywhere, not just in literature. And it helps us move up in the world, in our careers, and in our writing.

I'm seeing some very thoughtful and helpful summation and interconnection going on here -- wonderful.

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