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Unlike most of the chapters in Writing About Literature, I found Ch. 11 actually interesting and informitive.

"Authors recognize that readers participate in the creative act and that all elements of a story-word choice, characterization, allusions, level of reality-must take readers' responses into account" (165).

Even though this quote is about literature, I think that it can be applied to mostly anything that's made for people to enjoy (movies, anime, video games, etc.). Authors knowing what readers want can be a good and bad thing. Good because the author doesn't have to sit there for long periods of time to figure out what readers are looking for and bad because of the same thing. An audience knows the conventions for stories, etc. so the author has to find a way to give the audience what they want and find a way to make it fresh at the same time.

Yeah, I can't help but feel I rambled on this entry. Oh well...

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I think that's also a very true case for fanfiction since authors are generally writing for a specific pairing, or in support of a specific character. They know what fans of the subject want because they're one of them. They participate actively in fandom and form little inside jokes with them, and use those when writing.

Patrick Jane said:

As much as I agree that it's good for the authors, I can't help but wonder if it will reduce the quality of the books. The best read for my money is an original book, and if authors are going to spend less time on their projects... I feel the number of original books will fade.

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