And So it Comes to This... The End

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This is the third and last entry of the series. Sorry, no pic cause I'm lazy. lol Anyhoo, I really tried to get into this whole thing, but that didn't happen. I know that blogging is supposed to replace tests, but honestly, I'd rather deal with tests than this. I got nothing out of this experience even when trying to find something. So yeah, it was worth a try, but I'd rather not do this again. No offense.


Kayla, I do find your insights valuable, both when you share them in class and when you share them online. I'm sure your peers feel the same way.

Sometimes blogging helps lead students to breakthroughs when they wouldn't otherwise do the prewriting that helps them lead to breakthroughs, and sometimes blogging is just another task on a to-do list-- like doing the readings or studying for a quiz. We don't all get to every item on our list every day.

It's fair to say that different students learn in different ways, and no single learning activity is going to appeal to all students to the same degree.

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