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This is for my American Lit class. It's a poem and not a very good one. I usually don't write poetry and this isn't to be taken seriously. I just like poking fun.

Nutshell (A Poem for Class)

What had I missed from taking part two instead of one?

Maybe taking part two, I jumped the gun

No, not really, but I'm really not a fan of the newer stuff

Prior to 1915, stories didn't seem to have random filler puff

But I had to do something different for this class

Blogging, HA! I know what word you're thinking, but I'm not crass

The usual poets were there, Poe being dark and Dickerson with them dashes

Hawthorne hitting us with religion and Melville with some guy, the Scrivener, and their clashes

A crazy woman looking at wallpaper thinking there was someone there

Oh, and don't forget Thoreau, who could make a good rant about a chair.

Wait one second, I need to leave comments on some blogs

But frankly, they leave me sawing logs

This poem is starting to seem like Huckleberry Finn, with no plot at all

Even Washington's and Du Bois' essays were more on the ball

Wish I could say that for Foster, who never stuck to what he said

Kinda like the John Henry legend, except everyone agrees he dropped dead

"How shiftless!" cries Cousin Ophelia, who seems to say only that line

My apologies for ignoring that blog of mine

I don't do it purposely you see

It's just that I'm here for an English degree


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