A Series of Questions for the Remix Project

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For my Writing for the Internet class, we have to do a remix project. This means taking something that already exists and making a spoof of sorts. For example, taking footage from one trailer and putting it with audio from a completely different movie trailer. My answers to these questions are an outline of sorts.


Which works, or what kind of works, would you like to mash up or recombine? Why?
--I'm going to say either poetry or stories for this one. I'd love to do video, but sadly I have no clue about using those kind of programs.

What is your goal in recombining elements from this work or these works? What do you want to say or do?
--If you've seen my 'remix' of Dickinson's poem "Hope", I tend not to be too serious about it. I want to have fun doing it.

What tone are you trying to achieve? Is your work serious or playful? Do you want your audience to think, laugh, or both? What other emotions and reactions might your work invoke?
--Playful because I like to poke fun at things like peoms and poets who are considered great yet I just don't see why. I'd like my audience to laugh and maybe I'll throw in a few refereneces her and there and the reader can play "What is it from?" game.

What (if anything) will you reveal about yourself, as the project's creator? How will you reveal (or avoid revealing) yourself?
--My creative and fun side.



This is one of my favorite poems, but Emily Dickinson can be a bit of a downer, right? I think changing the tone or mood of a serious poem like this can show that a. "hope" may have a lighter side b. that poetry can be fun and not always serious. I know you're not talking about working with this poem specifically, but it might be worth considering working with something like it - so that your "playful" tone has a clear purpose or message.

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