The Blog, the Twitter, and the Wiki-What I Learned in EL236

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This is a summary post of all the entries I have made thus far for my Writing for the Internet class. The main theme of my blog is Creative Writing, but I have one or two other blog posts mixed in. There's also a link to my Twitter. But before I go on, I'm going to list specific things I learned in this class:

1. Wikipedia is not evil er... I mean that even if some random person edits it, sooner or later the page is going to be corrected by someone who knows what he/she is doing.

2. Being a Twit isn't so bad or in other words... Twitter is a great place to keep up with things such as politics, fashion, media, etc. Oh and here's a link to my Twitter

Now on to the portfolio!

Interaction-Classmates posts on which I commented (LOL and OMG do not count).

Live an Interesting Life--Get Arrested- A post by DJ Beckage about living a meaningful life.

Leo Bloomed-Kaitlin Monier talks about her favorite children's book Leo Bloomed.

Woe is Me a Writer I Will Not Be-April Minerd talks about battling your inner critic.

VMAs What Celebs Wore-Ashley Bamgbopa lists some pics of what stars wore to the MTV VMAs.

Reunion with a Long Lost Friend-Kaitlin Monier rediscovers her love of coffee.

Depth-Posts on my blog where I had something meaningful to say.

Thoughts of a Creative Writing Major-A post talking about how music is one of my muses.

Let's Talk About Characters! Part 1-Naming-First in a series of posts about fictional characters, I talk about my process of naming characters. Includes a helpful link to a site about creating characters.

Discussion-A classmates blog where I contributed to a bigger discussion.

Leo Bloomed-I know I already used this for interaction, but I thought it would fit this section.

Outside Material-Entries in which I refer to something not related to blogging (video, link, etc.)

This is Why I Read Writer's Digest-A post about an article on the Writer's Digest site called The 10 Commandments of Writing Fiction.

Ethos-Entries in which I show the type of writer/blogger I am.

Thoughts of a Creative Writing Major

Let's Talk About Characters! Part 2-Personality-Explanation on what I think I good personality for a character should be.

Convention-A post where I talk about how things work on the internet (blogging, etc.)

I'm a Twit, Man-A spotlight on the 140 character limit on Twitter.

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