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Thanks to Writing for the Internet, I've found a new appreciation for blogging. This hasn't been my first experience blogging though. I've had a Livejournal since my freshman year in high school and I've used this site for previous classes. However, my Livejournal is mostly just for me to rant and post about my interests while meeting awesome people.

Back to the main topic... I never realized just how effective blogging can be. Obviously I post about Creative Writing on here and every once in a while, my post starts a discussion. I try to read most of my classmates blogs and comment since I surprisingly find that I actually have something to say unlike in the past where I would read something and be like "Meh, okay, next." When I read my classmates blogs and the links they post, there are times when I learn something new which means I'll save their blog as a link so that it will be right there when I want to read it.

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