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Like last time, this is where I showcase all the entries I've done and classmates entries that I commented on. Oh, and this is my Twitter Since last time, I've learned about the ins and outs of copyrights. How you can copyright your own blogs, stories, etc. with a Creative Common license. I also took a shot at my own remix project. And recently, how to organize information on the internet with the most vital info going first.


Interaction-Classmates blogs that I've commented on.

Hesitations-Bethany isn't sure if she wants to post her writing on her blog. I said she should.

The Undead World Record-Matthew posted some pictures he took of the Pittsburgh Zombie Fest. I'm not a fan of zombies but I like seeing the effort that went into the costumes.

Into the Black Hole, Our Words Vanish-April posts about how our language skills have gone down the drain. I comment by saying that chat speak+laziness are the culprits for this.


Depth-Entries where I had something to say

 History of a Writer-Just as the title states, I reveal my history as a writer.

World Building-Post about a writing concept called World Building.

Too Many Ideas- I talk about an article I found on the Writer's Digest site that dicusses Too Many Ideas Syndrome (TMIS).


Discussion-Classmates entries where I started/participated in a conversation.

Into the Black Hole, Our Words Vanish


Outside Material-Entries where I talk about a link I found.

Too Many Ideas


Ethos-Entries where the reader gets a good understanding of me.

History of a Writer

Too Many Ideas


Convention-My understanding of how something on the internet works (blogging, Twitter, etc.).

Blog About... Blogging-Just as the title states.

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