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Looking back at my old entries, I noticed that I never did a post about how I got into writing. There really wasn't anything that motivated me to be a writer. I just remember that as soon as I learned how to hold a pencil I started writing. I actually have a folder at home filled with the page long stories I wrote complete with awful drawings. So yeah, I knew I was going to be a writer when I grew up.

Even in school, I would turn a writing assignment into a story which was hit or miss with the teachers. Thankfully my family encouraged me which is why I'm still writing today.

And you want to know something? Writing fanfiction helped me grow as a writer. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's when you write a story using already existing characters like Harry Potter for example. Of course it's not for profit, it's just for fun. I still write fanfiction if I have the time. There's a site called fanfiction.net where you can upload your stories and have people review them. It has a sister site called fictionpress.com for original work.

What motivated you to be a writer? How did you improve as a writer? Do you still want to be a writer?


Ashley Bamgbopa said:

I never knew what fan-fiction writing was until I read this post. It sounds very creative and interesting to actually take other characters from writing and make something up on your own. It would be awesome if you are able to post one of these stories on your blog. I look forward to one day reading it !

Kayla Lesko said:

Really? I just may do that! Although I would probably just post a link to the story since some of them are multiple chapters.

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